Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Love's First Dance

When the Sky was young, all those yeas ago,
All the Stars would dance and the Planets sing.
In their merry play - oh how could they know
That the Moon looked on? Such a lonely thing.

He whispered a wish that a Star may fall
Perchance, to love him and heal his scarred soul.
When a curious Star, revered by all
Swept down and loved him - she would love him whole.

The Star from the North did light up the sky
And the Moon was full for a thousand years.
They hummed a melody - a lullaby -
And the oceans filled with their happy tears.

Alas, a Star that falls is doomed to die,
So her light began to flicker and fade.
To be together forever - a lie!
The Moon in the heavens to live in shade.

Her final twinkle floated to the ground.
Now he pulls his own tears to find her light.
Once per month his soul, eternally found,
Above the clouds and searching through the night.

Her stardust that gleams from your eyes so blue
Still holds the memory of love's first dance.
And I, as the Moon, live searching for you
To defy the past, if given the chance.

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