Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Tequila Dream

I think you would like my Brother and Sister! My Brother writes a hilarious blog about being a teacher and the things that happen and my sister is an unbelievable singer songwriter. Both of them are incredibly talented and as such I have come up with a little experiment for us. 

I don't know a great deal about musical theory - but I've been thinking recently that if I could write some lyrics and put some chords to it, send them to Chris (Bro) and Shel (Sis) then they could independently write 2 melodies and - my hope is - they would be so compatible (as they would only be using the notes in the given chord scale) that it would make a great song!
Ambitious? Crazy?
Well they called Bobby Fischer crazy and.... oh wait!  (little chess joke there for anyone who is interested :-))

Where was I? Oh yes... I hear you ask why I would be the one who writes the lyrics and the chords when I've just explained that they are more talented than me. That's a good question and my answer is in 2 parts
a) Fuck 'em
b) It was my idea so please review point a!

So here is what they will be working with.
Maybe you want to play along too.

Tequila Dream
A                                              G                           A
We met in Texas when you asked me for the time,
A                                         G
Then you said, ‘Are you looking for fun?’
And we crossed the borderline

E                              D                         A
It turned into a tequila dream in Mexico
E                                           D                               A
When you heard my song play on local radio
E                                  D                         A
You held me tight all night when you heard that tune
E                                              D                                 A
And for one night we were East of the Sun and South of the Moon.

A                                              G                                A
I sold my Daddy’s watch to buy you a diamond ring
A                      G
It meant everything to him
To you not a thing

E                             D                       A
It turned into a tequila dream in Mexico
E                                                          D                     A         
When you wanted it fast and my body wouldn’t take it slow
E                                  D                     A
You told me that you would be leaving soon
E                                              D                                 A
But for one night we were East of the Sun and South of the Moon

Middle 8
G             D                            G                  D
Now I’m sat alone at the river’s bend
G                  D                G         D
I knew the dream just had to end
G              D           G        D
Another drink before I go
And one more night in Mexico


E              D                       A
I had a tequila dream in Mexico
E             D                    A
I had to stay but she wanted to go
E                                         D              A
She came and went , her heart was immune
E                                      D                             A

But that night we were East of the Sun and South of the Moon


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Impossible Eyes

There are many ways to bleed
And I choose you.
In my many moments of need
I look for the blue
Of those eyes, those impossible eyes.

I am vulnerable when you hold me,
Protected and bare.
The midnight things you told me
And the devil you dare
With those eyes, those impossible eyes

When I lose it is for you
It's then I gave all.
For the only thing that's true,
Looking up from a fall
Is those eyes, those impossible eyes.